This article shows a proof-of-concept implementation of Low-Latency DASH (LL-DASH) streaming in Video.js, a popular open-source media player for live and VoD OTT streaming. To my knowledge, LL-DASH is only supported by a limited number of players, such as the GPAC player, Dash.js and TheoPlayer. So I guess supporting it in Video.js could still be interesting to the community.

This LL-DASH implementation allows Video.js to achieve as low as 1 second latency (Figure 1), and an average latency of ~2 seconds. As seen in Figure 1, the DASH media segments are downloaded using the Fetch API, even though the initialization…

Bo Zhang

Bo Zhang is currently a staff video system engineer at Brightcove. He works for the video research team on video delivery, playback and cdn.

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